In the history of Bayern Munich, one can already count three golden epochs, in each of which the team players raised the coveted Champions Cup to the sky. Here, in the great club, they know how to work hard on themselves and achieve success. Only the best come here, and the tasks for them are always the highest. “Bavaria” for many years is the main pride of German football. Football is the field where they always paid special attention not only to work with the ball but also to the character and moral-volitional qualities. It’s football that gave the world a lot of unique personalities and authoritative leaders who skillfully led partners to titles, inspiring their own talent. Almost every one of them, even though he made a name for himself in the other team, eventually ended up here in Munich. After all, “Bavaria” is not only the German football giant. Munich has long been among the five richest clubs in the world. Their management works like a clock. Their 70,000-strong home arena is always full, and in the club’s museum there are dozens of conquered cups. However, all this can be argued categorically now. But for several decades after the creation of the club, its players and fans had not even dreamed of such a status of the team.

The history of this football club began in 1900, and it began with the usual football section. The participants of the section, which adjoined FC Munich 1860, decided to start an independent career. As a result, 11 people and Franz Yon, who later became the presidents of the newly-made club, left the “Munich 1860” meeting and created their own club, which they called “Bayern” (“Bavaria”). And so began the greatest history of the greatest club. The first match of the club was held with a club called “First Munich”. The match was won with a score of 5: 2. Since its inception, the “German car”, not yet at that time, has established itself as a leader. Until 1904, Bavaria confidently held the status of unofficial champion. The first match of the club was held with a club called “First Munich”. The match was won with a score of 5: 2. Since its inception, the “German car”, not yet at that time, has established itself as a leader. Until 1904, Bavaria confidently held the status of unofficial champion.

The history of this football club is amazing, full of events, surprises. It is impossible to tell her completely. There are such words in the anthem of “Bavaria” – “Bavaria is love, it is friendship, it is pain.” Yes, all this has a place in the great German club. “Bavaria” has always been worthy, and even if losing – with her head held high. It’s not from pride, not from arrogance but rom respect for yourself, your rivals and your business. This is the whole “Bavaria”, which is truly the Star of the South.

Losses also were in “Bavaria”, sometimes even fatal ones. Take, at least, the match in Prague, when they lost with a crushing score of 0: 8. But FC “Bavaria” is remarkable precisely because he does not give up. After a defeat, the players – no matter what generation it is – never give up, but on the contrary, begin to work on themselves and the game, honing their skills to the ideal. This is the upbringing of the club. The club is also notable for this – the traditions laid down at the very beginning are still preserved to this day. One of the memorable triumphs of “Bavaria” won in the 1932nd year in the final game of the championship in Germany. Then the “Bavarians” defeated “Eintracht” with a score of 2: 6. It is worth noting that in the Bundesliga, in which today the “Bavaria” is the best and most successful team, she did not immediately. Only two years later, the emergence of this elite Championship, the team fell into the composition of the playing teams. And in the first championship “stars of the South” won. The debut was phenomenal.

It is impossible not to note the meeting of “Bavaria” with “Atletico” in the final game of the Champions Cup. The score was 0-0 all the time. In the added time, the Spaniards managed to score a goal and they were already anticipating their victory, as only 7 seconds before the whistle, the defender of Bavaria Georg Schwarzenbek saved the team, scoring a phenomenal and unexpected goal. But that’s not all. Then the rules of procedure were in effect, which stated that if the teams were tied, the match must be repeated. The next day, the “Bavarians” just defeated the “Atletico”, winning the Cup 4-0.

Historical background

Before the beginning of the 2009/10 season, Bavaria’s head coach was taken by Louis Van Gal, who had previously led the AZ Alkmaar team to victory in the Dutch Championship. In the summer of 2009, Van Gal was not the only new person on Zabenerstrasse: Arjen Robben (Real Madrid) and Mario Gomez (Stuttgart) moved to the Bavarian capital.

House of “Bavaria”

Particularly impressive is the facade. When during the evening matches the whole stadium shines with a red light, its appearance is breathtaking even from experienced visitors. The interior of the Allianz Arena, divided into three tiers, provides unusually high-quality acoustics, thanks to which, during particularly exciting matches, the emotions in the stadium beat over the edge. Not surprisingly, the Allianz Arena is almost always sold out. Since its opening, only in the 2006/07 season at matches with clubs from Bochum and Hannover, a total of 6,000 places remained unsold. Thus, the stadium is filled at 99.9 percent.

But why are the fans so fond of the arena in Froetmaning? It’s of course because of the stars of the legendary team. However, staying at the stadium is enjoyable both before and after the game. Thanks to numerous catering points, located on an area of ​​6,000 square meters, no one will have to watch the game on an empty stomach. As for parking, the largest parking complex in Europe provides space for 10,000 cars. After visiting the Erlebniswelt Museum, guests can take a look at the giant FC Bayern Megastore fan shop, recently expanded and modernized. Here, on an area of ​​almost 1,000 square meters, every Bavarian fan will find products for every taste – more than 500 of them are represented.

The Allianz Arena is more than just a stadium – here you will find a fan-shop, and a canteen, where you can eat Bavarian food, and a large club museum, in which in less than an hour you will learn about the history of Bavaria Munich. Due to the fact that the nearest home match took place only on August 24, 2018 – on the opening day of the Bundesliga season 2018/19, at the moment, one has to be content with a small one – visiting an empty stadium and a club museum, visiting which is no less fascinating than attending football match.

The museum houses a cinema, in which every half hour a short film about the history of the Munich club is shown. For fans, what was said in this film will not be something new, but for a tourist who turned out to be at this stadium for the first time – what is needed is for infection with the Bavarian fever. The museum is equipped with computer technologies that complement the atmosphere of the museum with graphics and special effects. At the stand of the forms of the German rekordmaystera presented jerseys of legends of the German club: Gerd Müller, Uli Hennessy, Franz Benkkenbauera, Paul Breitner, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Oliver Kahn, Zep Mayer Lottar Matthaeus, Giovane Elber, Miroslav Klose, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Philip Lam and others. The stand begins with the first form of Bayern Munich of the 1900/01 season, on the chest, which is emblazoned with the first emblem of the club – a real artifact!

A huge advantage of the stadium is that a variety of groups of visitors feel comfortable here. 13,500 standing places guarantee the Bundesliga fans an inexpensive entrance to the stadium. 2,200 business-places and 106 lodges of various sizes with 1374 places create for the more sophisticated viewer the atmosphere that suits his lifestyle. People in wheelchairs are also not forgotten: 165 places are equipped for them without the need to move from one floor to another.

At the moment, FC Bavaria is the sole owner of the Alliance Arena. The TSV 1860 Munich football club, in collaboration with which the stadium was originally built, remains until June 30, 2025 as the tenant of Allianz Arena, which, according to a poll by the Forsa Social Research Institute in the political magazine Cicero, in just three years has become Germany’s favorite sports arena entered the top ten most important attractions of the country.

Bavaria Munich news: team plans to buy 18-year-old striker “Manchester City”

18-year-old striker Rabbi Matondo, who owns the rights to Manchester City, may move to Germany. According to “The Sun”, Bayern Munich wants to sign a promising Welshman. The German club is ready to pay for the transfer of Matondo about 11 million euros. The employment agreement of the player with the “citizens” expires at the end of next season.

Schweinsteiger appreciated the chances of Bayern in the Champions League

Ex-football player of the “Bavaria” Bastian Schweinsteiger appreciated the prospects of the Munich club in the current Champions League. “I believe that Bavaria will be able to reach the final of the tournament. We will see what happens next in the near future, in the confrontation with Liverpool. Munich has every chance of getting Mercy Sides,” ESPN quotes Schweinsteiger. Matches between Bayern and Liverpool will be held on February 19 and March 13.

Bayern continue winning streak, approaching Borussia Dortmund

Incredible events take place in German football. For once after the winter break, “Bavaria” is not considered the favorite of the championship. Bookmakers and experts prefer Dortmund “Borussia”, which looks more solid. The Munich team is located on the second line, behind the main competitor of 6 points. Nothing is lost, but in the game, “Bavaria” no longer looks machine-like. It’s questions to Niko Kovach more.

After the winter break, the champion, having a powerful winning streak, entered the fight first. At the end of last year, “Bavaria” won 5 rounds in a row, and in early 2019, won the Cup telecom, a kind of friendly tournament. In general, everything is very good. But Hoffenheim recalled with horror the second half of November and December. During this time, the “village” had 78 matches in all tournaments, of which 6 were tied and 2 lost. In the battle of the Bundesliga series, someone had to break up. Bayern won 5 rounds in a row, and Hoffenheim played a draw for 6 games in a row. All to maintain their series made Munich, for the first 45 minutes, twice hit the opponent’s gate. In general, in the first half, “Bavaria” looked much stronger. David Alaba started the meeting with a dangerous lumbar, but Thomas Muller, after a clever “abandonment” of Robert Lewandowski, missed the destructive position. The ball in centimeters from the bar flew.

However, this blunder preceded two goals by Leon Goretsky, so the Munich could not be very upset. The first goal came out quite unexpected, because Robert Lewandowski beat from a much more comfortable position. The Pole closed Kingsley Coman’s flank overhang from seven yards, but Baumann retorted the blow. Leon arrived in time for finishing moves, sending the ball into the net from an acute angle. The second ball was given Gorecke easier. A vertical attack with a rush in Alaba ended with a David lumbago, which Leon easily locked. Goretzka struck the empty goal from two meters.

“Hoffenheim” did not give up. “Village” second half began very actively. At first, Thiago Alcantara was mistaken and Joelinton tested Noyr’s strength. Manuel hit reflected, and Demirby could not meters from the 13th and get on an empty goal. But after an hour of play, the hosts succeeded in a model counterattack after a corner one. Leonardo Bittencourt found Schulz in a soft cast. Nico head the ball earned and then with the fly shot into the corner of the goal. Manuel Neuer couldn’t get Schulz out of the six.

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