Bayern Munich FC: history

We decided to start our article with the FC Bayern kit of the 1990/1991 season, because for objective reasons, in order not to incur the wrath of the sophisticated reader, we see no reason to review the forms with the same type of design and external characteristics (all the same, designers from the 70s and 80s). ‘s not too bothered to develop interesting and nice looking paintings), of which only a few forms, with great stretch could be called more or less worthy of our attention.

Form of Bavaria 1990-91

Our Bavaria form parade opens with a 90-91 season kit. The year before, Opel became the title sponsor, and the form itself did not change in the season 90-91 as compared with the previous year. So we can safely say that this kit has the design of the first form of “Bavaria” with the Opel logo.

Form of Bavaria 1991-92

The first season in the Bundesliga after the unification of Germany with the GDR “Bavaria” held in this form. And the form and performances can’t be called successful. The club took only 12th place. Exit form could be remembered by lovers of beautiful heads; it was there that Lottar Matthäus scored a stunningly beautiful goal.

Form of Bavaria 1992-93

The form remains the same, but the “Bavaria” greatly added. 11 goals of Bruno Labbadia allowed the Bavarian to take the second place in the championship and just one point to skip forward Werder Bremen, but not allowing that magnificent Werder, led by Otto Rehhagel, to become champions, would be a crime against football. The season was remembered by Bavaria’s major victory over Saarbrücken with a score of 6: 0 and a match against Stuttgart, which ended with a score of 5: 3.

Form of Bavaria 1993-94

The home shape has not changed much compared to the previous season, three blue stripes on the bottom of the jersey and blue sleeves were added. But the guest form has become yellow with black and green details. It does not look very much, but Bayern becomes the champion. The matches of the German Cup Bavaria played in a form similar to the design of the German national team uniform in 1994.

Form of Bavaria 1994-95

The form has not changed, but appointed to the post of head coach Giovanni Trapattoni could take only 6th place and was fired after this season.

Form of Bavaria 1995-96

Otto Rehhagel, already mentioned by us, becomes the head coach, and Jurgen Klinsmann joins the club from Tottenham. But Bayern could not win the title and stayed on the second line, skipping ahead of Borussia. In the European arena, Bavaria looked more successful and managed to win the UEFA Cup, beating Bordeaux in white.

Form of Bavaria 1996-97

The home shape remains unchanged, and the kit, in which Bayern a year before, beat the Bordeaux UEFA Cup final, becomes the guest form.

Form of Bavaria 1998-99

Home shape remains the same, and the guest has an unusual design, but it looks attractive. The third form has become known and recognizable thanks to one of the most famous matches in the history of football. It is in this form that Bavaria already in stoppage time missed the Champions League Cup from their hands, losing to Manchester United 2-1.

Form of Bavaria 2007-08

This is the first form of “Bavaria” after the shape of the seasons 1998-2000, which was made in horizontal stripes. The third form is made on the similarity of an alternative form of 95-96 years, but made in black.

Form of Bavaria 2008-09

On the form of this season, you can see another star above the emblem of “Bavaria”. The guest form will be remembered by the fans by the fact that next season in the form with this design Arjen Robben will score a beautiful and very important goal against Manchester United. The third set of the form looks very simple, but it looked very nice on the football players.

Form of Bavaria 2009-10

The home shape has a classic red color with white accents. All as recommended by Sami Kuffur Not without reason the club won a victory in the Bundesliga and the German Cup.

Form of Bavaria 2010-11

In the home form of this season, “Bavaria” has already managed to play several matches in the finals of the German Cup and the Champions League, where she emerged as the winner only from the cup match against Werder.

Form of Bavaria 2011-12

The beautiful form of Bavaria would have left even more pleasant associations for the fans of the club that season, if not for the defeat in the Champions League final from Chelsea in their own stadium.

Form of Bavaria 2017-18

The home shape of Bavaria acquires a design that is similar to the shape of the season 1973-74. Guest form also plays with a retro theme – the form is made in the interpretation of the home kit of the 1997-99 seasons. The third form was developed by a Bavaria fan from Israel, having won in a specially created competition.

History and achievements

The football club “Bavaria” was founded in 1900. He is the most titled in Germany. The Munich Club is a multiple winner of the Bundesliga and the German Cup. The first match of the team was played in the year of its foundation. In the early years, students formed the basis of the club. The Munich club until the mid-1930s was one of the strongest in the regional land. Bavaria hit the Bundesliga in 1965 and immediately got involved in the medal showdown, taking third place. A landmark victory can be considered as winning the Champions Cup in 1974. In the final, Munich met with the Spanish “Atletico” and won 4: 0. After that, Bavaria repeated success in this tournament twice in a row.

In the 1990s, the club did not always perform well. Among the achievements should be distinguished Victoria in the domestic championship in the UEFA Cup. A dramatic final match in the Champions League has entered the history. In the game against Manchester United, just three minutes before the end of the meeting, the Bavarians fought 1-0, but the opponents managed to score two goals and win the meeting. In the 2000s, Bayern showed stable and confident football – regularly won the national championship, won the German Cup three times. In 2001, Bavaria won the Champions League. The history of “Bavaria” is the history of the victories of German club football.

Interesting facts: Bayern Munich

Manuel Neuier

  1. He studied at the Gesamtschule Berger Feld, the so-called general education Gelsenkirchen school, which differs from gymnasiums and colleges in that there are no requirements for admission. In the same institution he studied and Mesut Yezil!
  2. It turns out that Manu is not only a good goalkeeper, but also an intellectual! He won 500 thousand euros in the German version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
  3. Shikeriya (the most active group of fans of Bavaria) opposed the purchase of goalkeeper Schalke by the German grandee. The fact is that they found out that at the age of 12, Neuer was a member of Ultras Schalke, with whom Shikeria has a very bad relationship!
  4. Neuer became the winner of the Euro among young people under the age of 21, moreover, he missed only one ball for the tournament! This ball is on the account of Jack Rodwell in the group stage.

Tom Starke

  1. Good stats from a guy! From the moment of signing the contract with Bayer in Leverkusen (2000) until the signing of the contract with Duisburg (2007), Tom spent the whole TWO matches in the Bundesliga! Moreover, Hamburg, who rented it because of the injury of 2 main keepers, having appreciated the game of Tom, began to trust the place at the gates of youth!)

Maximilian Ridmuller

  1. It turns out Max has a penchant for cooking! Standing in the kitchen is Rydmüller’s vocation. That is why he does not allow Amelia, his girlfriend, to the stove, but prepares everything himself!


  1. It turns out that Everton fans were not the first! “Afro” Dante’s hairstyle has become a cult among Borussia M fans who started wearing wigs at their favorite games!

Daniel Van Byuyten

  1. Daniel’s father is a very famous person! Franz van Buyten was one of the best wrestlers / wrestlers from the 60s to the 80s of the 19th century in Europe!
  2. Playing in a lease for Manchester City, the Belgians were robbed by bankers! In total, 350 thousand pounds sterling was withdrawn from Daniel, Vicente Vuozo and Djamel Belmadi (who also played for the townspeople at that time)!


  1. The full name of the Brazilian is Marcio Rafael Ferreira de Souza, and his nickname stands for “Little Rapha”
  2. His football career, like many of his compatriots, started in futsal, speaking in the team of Gremio Londrina. But then he retrained to the player of “big” football.
  3. Rafina had the greatest desire to go to the Olympics in Beijing. Because of this, he even went AWOL, so to speak. This case (as well as the case of Diego v. Werder and Barca v. Messi) considered FIFA, and then the Sports Arbitration Court. The case ended with the fact that Rafa went to Beijing, and Schalke imposed on the player a record fine for the club in the amount of 700 thousand euros.
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