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Necessary evil: why Germany needs such Bavaria Munich squad?

In winter, Bavaria took one player from the German national team, Sandro Wagner, from Hoffenheim and officially announced the transfer from Schalke of another “compilation”, Leon Goretsky. The wave of tears of fans of all opponents of Bavaria, infinitely washing the shores of the Bundesliga, instantly turned into another tsunami. Munich, in their opinion, again weakens competitors and destroys intrigue in the championship. In fact, as time shows, only this practice can keep the Bundesliga in order at the European level – that is, if the championship policy of Bavaria is evil, then evil is necessary. And that’s why.

First, the food chain is being restored. Three years under Josepe Guardiola became a unique segment for Munich – during this time Bayern gained more players from abroad than from the Bundesliga. For the record master, it was an attempt to try something new and give the coach those players he wants, but for the rest of the league this time broke the traditional food chain. It is simple: the best player of any team tomorrow may be a player of Bavaria, and the club must keep this in mind, considering the replacement options. Munich usually jumps on those who are close to the German throne, and the club that has lost its leader takes someone away from the club of the next echelon of the German table. So in the Bundesliga transfer policy is ventilated.

The transition of “Bavaria” to foreign players, the ventilation process has weakened. Naturally, this is not the only reason, but with this transition in the league, the share of real domestic transfer deals has decreased. Other clubs also paid attention abroad, because there you can find players cheaper than in the German market overheated by the British. External transfers are more risky (the newcomer may not adapt to the league’s football conditions or personal conditions – in Wolfsburg and Gelsenkirchen, for example, it is unbearably boring), and therefore clubs have become more often unavailable with players. One of the reasons for the Germans’ recession in European competitions is this.

The second key point is related to the first in terms of finding a replacement for a departed footballer. A club that has sold a player to a recordmaker has a chance to make an informed choice, that in modern times it is a great luxury. “Bavaria” controls absolutely the entire domestic market, but it never comes unexpectedly – the only thing that can be considered an exception is the case of interception by Mario Goetze, but even there it was not all unequivocal. Munich differs in this from almost all world top clubs: on Zebener Straße, they are not ready to overpay only for urgency (this is the key point that former manager Mattias Zammer, who has done a lot for the club, fixed), but can throw it over respectability. Clever sellers use this – Lion with the king of the transfer market Jean-Michel Olas originally asked for the midfielder Korenten Tolisso the amount that overlapped the record of Bavaria, realizing that the buyer is not against such an increase in the importance of the transfer. One way or another, it’s important: Bavaria doesn’t steal players from the Bundesliga, as it initially controls them (in this case, it is the primary defense against intervention from England or Paris). “Bavaria” makes it clear in advance that it will take one or another player.

11 best players of Bavaria in the XXI century

Manuel Neuer

“He is the best libero of Bavaria since the time of Franz Beckenbauer.” This characteristic given to Neuer, the goalkeeping coach of the German national team, Andreas Köpke, is pronounced everywhere with deadpan seriousness and so convincingly that just a little more and you will believe that this is the way it is. Neuer was already named the creator of the new goalkeeper school, the prototype of the future goalkeeper, football innovator, etc. In fact, everything is much simpler. His playful free-thinking is a natural instinct, and not at all a desire to impose a different goalkeeper philosophy. This is the rushing out of the inside of a hyperactive person who is deprived of circumstances by work and who is ready to look for this work (read: trouble) himself. “Innovation” was born as a result of one single reason – the hellish boredom, which attacked and attacked Neuer in the overwhelming majority of Bundesliga matches. You have to agree that in 90 minutes of playing against the conventional “Stuttgart” Neuer beat off two hits (more often than not disturbing him) and after the final whistle went to the center circle to congratulate the partners on the victory, we definitely didn’t call this player the best in his role. We would certainly give him his due, but no more. And the goalkeeper, who starts the attacks in the middle of the field, goes to a tackle 35 meters from his own penalty, and then with an interval of 60 minutes neutralizes two scoring chances, we love, appreciate and recognize his greatness.

Willy Sagnol

5-time champion of Germany, 4-time Cup winner, winner of the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup, and, in fact, the only right-back of Bayern start zero. All the most valuable cups Sagnol collected at the beginning of the German career then he simply did not let the baton they had kicked down to lower than it grieved the competitors. It is because of the immaculate play of Sagnolles that we learned about Philip Lame four years later than they should have been. Today, the 39-year-old Frenchman comes to life after the first coaching experience at Bordeaux. The debut turned out to be so-so, but now Sagnol knows at least two things important for the coach: 1 – football judges have no sense of humor, 2 – henceforth it is better to refrain from any criticism of African football players.

Jerome Boateng

Is there a correlation between the fact that in 2013 there was a qualitative leap in Jerome’s career and the fact that Pep Guardiola came to Bavaria the same year? Of course have. This Pep made from Boateng a really tough defender, who had no equal in strength in Bavaria in the new century. “Guardiola was busy with me a lot,” admits the German. – At our second meeting, he called me to his office and showed me a video where I led an individual fight with rivals. I did not notice anything unusual, but the trainer told me that this was no good, and I should progress. I sincerely believed that every player defends himself instinctively. After talking with Guardiola, I realized that no one ever showed me how to defend properly. After this meeting, we began to work hard together on my tactical education.” In 2016, Jerome Boateng was voted the best footballer in Germany. The last defender to be recognized as the best in this country was Jürgen Kohler (almost 20 years ago).


He is stopper, whom many coaches tried to pacify, and whose internal striker was never defeated. Three golden doubles (2003, 2005, and 2008) Bayern won in general without the help of elite central defenders. Lucio was not a great master of selecting balls or moving in tackles, but the Brazilian rarely threw other colleagues to extremes, so it was he who was trusted and it was with his help that Bavaria coaches tried to compose a strong protective bundle.

David Alaba

Bavaria has long and stubbornly sought an equal to Philip Lamu in order to catch a healthy balance between the flanks of the defense. The problem was serious: from time to time Munich was cool to take it to the right, which, of course, disfigured the command tread. What was needed was a man who would not give way to the captain in mobility and game thinking, and develop team command ambidexterity. Through the epic of Feil (Christian Lell), delusions (Diego Contento), failures (Edson Braafheid) and unfulfilled dreams (Marcel Jansen), the Munich players finally came to the right player. Having strengthened his position at Hoffenheim, Alaba returned from the rental and immediately took his place in the starting lineup. A couple of months ago, ESPN put the Austrian at the top of the ranking of the best left-wing defenders of our time. It is obvious that American journalists (and not only them) were bribed by the versatility of David. A distinctive feature of a cool football player – he does not spoil when moving to another position on the field. If so, Alab has been four times four cool players.

Philip Lam

“If you ask Philip Lama to play badly, I’m afraid he won’t cope. And this is the only task in football that he cannot afford, ”once said Hermann Gerland, the famous Bavarian grandfather (now assistant Carlo Ancelotti), who had launched the career of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Muller, Holger Badshtuber and several other prominent graduates of the Barthearte’s team. . Philip Lam in adult football Gerland led personally. “When Lamu was 17 years old, I already vaguely imagined what I could teach him. He knew how to do absolutely everything on the field. ” At the same time, Gerland called Felix Magath and asked the Stuttgart coach to look at the boy who needed playing practice: “He looks 15, but he plays like he is 30. This kid can play anywhere: on the left in defense, in the right in defense, in the center of the field, right in midfield. And this is not the limit. Magath succumbed to the entreaties of a colleague and took a young man for a test drive. It will take 10 years and the Lama’s universalism will come in handy for another coach who will show the world how good Philip really is.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Schwein did not cease to be associated with the Munich superclub even now, when he represents a team from another country (or pretends to represent it). How different? Under all the main victories of “Bavaria” in the XXI century is the autograph of this player.

Michael Ballack

Ballack is the personification of the period when in German football everything was decided by individual skills and individuals. It was then in the “Bavaria” and the German national team in each line began to be announced by three or four players, with equal rights claiming to be the team leader and able to complement each other. But in the middle of the zero Ballack was no alternative prima and was blowing for everyone. Bavaria forgave the star a lot. The management turned a blind eye even to the fact that the captain was secretly negotiating with other clubs. Bavaria was never the end point of the route for Ballack and he was constantly looking for a better deal. And yet, in this symbolic team, we cannot do without it.

Arjen Robben

This transfer predetermined the further development of Bavaria. The case when the life of the club is divided into “before” and “after.” Before joining Robben, Munich did not enter the European elite, after that they played in three Champions League finals for three years, in one of which the Dutchman scored the winning goal and placed the golden chevron of the best team in the world on his chest. Since then, Robben with partners permanently kept in the top.

Jovane Elber

The best foreign scorer in recordmaker history, a sushi lover and a successful farmer, Elber survived the turn of the millennia in Bavaria and finally became the best Bundesliga sniper in 2003. The path to the dream took a long eight years. In total, the Brazilian has shot 140 goals in 266 matches for Bayern in all tournaments.

Robert Lewandowski

That he is someone else’s defenders, when at home he trains to make strokes and go into dribbling, trying to deceive and not get caught in the teeth of a real dog. Yes, yes, Lewandowski himself admitted that he often attracts his German boxer to the classes: running a race, playing one-on-one and all that jazz. Not recommended for use as a guide for beginners to beginners. Lewandowski did not therefore become the brightest striker of “Bavaria” over the past 20 years and one of the best center forwards in the world. The two-time winner of the golden gun (last season struck a psychological mark of 30 goals scored per season in the championship), a world record holder (from Wolfsburg) and concentrated happiness for any coach – Robert continues to conquer the Bundesliga. And every year the applause in his honor louder and louder.

5 people who did not fit in this symbolic team:

  • Roy Mackay. Can you smell that? This tart rubber scents from the treadmills at the Munich Olympic Stadium hits you right in the nose. It seems that this is also called “nostalgia”. A Dutchman with a dozen on his back, making beautiful, appeared in the “Bavaria” long before the historic visit of Arjen Robben to the banks of the Isar. Oliver Kahn. “In my practice, this is the hardest decision I have ever made, but it would be better for the team.” To explain how such a respectable husband turned out to be in the cold, let us use the quote by Jürgen Klinsmann, who in 2006 also made Kahn the second number on the eve of the home World Cup. In principle, the author’s feelings are similar.
  • Frank Ribery. The 33-year-old Frenchman in today’s Bavaria application said that your secretary-general is paralyzed. They try to maintain his form in every possible way, the player himself is also making efforts, but one cannot wait for the old distance from him.
  • Ribery in Munich for 10 years. He had two great seasons – 2011/12 and 2012/13 – and even if all the rest of the time Frank was engaged in “Bavaria” nonsense, he would still be among the best.
  • Thomas Muller. “Thomas Muller” is phrase that is customary in Germany to describe the average guy without bright signs and features. Looking at Muller, you do not understand if you are a soccer player at all. His temples are not shaved, the skin is pristine clean, his girlfriend is a typical girl next door, and life requests are the most mundane. But 5 minutes of any match involving Muller is enough to understand that it is not so easy to find a player in Europe more efficiently.
  • Stefan Effenberg. “The heat from the fans, which I received in Mönchengladbach or later in Wolfsburg, I never received in Munich, recalls Eff in his autobiography. – I was respected, but not loved. Seeing this attitude, in some cases, Uli Höness even specifically asked me to run to our fans and celebrate with them the balls that our team scored, but such “requests” I, of course, never fulfilled.” Effenberg’s utmost honesty isolated him from his teammates, but for the German, truth was always more important than all other things. To some extent, the image of a strict captain, who could yell at anyone without discount on friendship and good relations, helped Stefan to become what he eventually became.

Bavaria Museum: titles of team

A special thrill in the soul is caused by the cups of Bavaria, which the team has won over the years. Titles at the German record maker – weight. The museum presents the famous 2013, in which Bavaria won 5 titles (German Championship, German Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Championship), and the UEFA Cup (current European League Cup), which Bavaria won in the 1995/96 season , the mass of salad bowls (28 pieces), German cups (18 pieces). And these are not all the titles that are represented in this museum, therefore: “It’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times”. When you get to this museum, you involuntarily feel like a part of a large Bavarian family – this is how atmospheric a place is.

Information in the museum is presented in two languages ​​- German and English. Each museum employee is also fluent in two languages ​​and can easily answer any of your questions. For those who do not know English, we recommend finding a guide. Tourists can visit the Allianz Arena with excursions that are held daily, except for the days on which matches are held. The tour includes stadium visits, team changing rooms, and bleachers, including the VIP area and commentary positions. You will also go down to the main football field of Munich. Allianz Arena is the place that, in my opinion, every tourist in Munich should visit – along with the BMW Museum, the German Museum, the Olympic Park, Marienplatz and the Hofbräuhaus beer restaurant, even if it is not a Bavarian fan.

Bayern Munich transfer news: RB Leipzig offers Werner a contract of compensation of 70 million euros for 10 clubs

RB Leipzig intends to extend the contract with striker Timo Werner. The current agreement of the 22-year-old striker of the German national team lasts until the summer of 2020, and the club offers the player favorable terms. “RB Leipzig” is ready to include in the contract a clause on compensation for ten European top clubs, according to a paid article Bild. Liverpool Echo claims that this list includes Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Real, Manchester City, PSG, Juventus and Bayern. If Werner signs the agreement on these terms, then any of the ten clubs can buy it for 61 million pounds (70 million euros), and the player’s salary will increase to 4 million pounds (4.6 million euros) per year. Werner in 18 Bundesliga matches this season scored 11 goals and gave 2 assists.

“Bavaria” bought out “Dallas” defender of the US team (U-20) Richards

“Bavaria” announced the transfer of Dallas defender Chris Richards on an ongoing basis. The contract with the 18-year-old player is signed until June 30, 2023. Richards transfer, presumably, cost Munich 1.5 million dollars. Another 500 thousand American club can get in the form of bonuses. In addition, “Dallas” relies 40% of the possible resale of Richards. Previously, the defender played for Bayern on loan. In the UEFA Youth League, he played 6 matches for the U-19 team.

“Liverpool” will compete with “Bavaria” for Hudson-Odoi

“Liverpool” intends to compete with “Bavaria” for the midfielder “Chelsea” Callum Hudson-Odoi. Brother and advisor to the 18-year-old footballer Bradley met with representatives of the Merseyside Club in early January. Also, the Englishman has a proposal from the “RB Leipzig.” Earlier it was reported that Hudson-Odoi asked the leadership of Chelsea to let him go to Bavaria. The player does not intend to remain in Chelsea; he will reject the club’s offer of a contract with a salary of 85,000 pounds a week. His current agreement with Londoners is calculated until the summer of 2020.

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