Rivalries: Bayern Munich VS Dortmund

Bayern Munich vs Dortmund is a duel of the record champion against the winter champion of Germany. Top match of the 24th round of the Bundesliga electrifies the masses. And when Bavaria and Borussia play against each other, emotions, curiosities and unusual moments are guaranteed. Both Borussia and Bavaria, in their most glorious times for two, won virtually everything they could. And all the same, what it was: the Intercontinental Cup, the Champions League, the Bundesliga or the German Cup: the list of winners of the most significant competitions includes both traditional German clubs that were not only great in the past but also great football.

In the arena, two completely different football worlds collide with each other: a noble, strong world-class club from the Bavarian capital and after a sustained financial crisis there is still a comparatively average working club from the heart of Westphalia. But with all the differences, there is a lot in common.

Numerous players with unusual past

Already only from some players who played for these clubs, you can make a team that would still be responsible for the concept of “super club”. Legends such as Tony Schumacher, Stefan Reuter, Jürgen Kohler, Thomas Helmer, Michael Rummenigge, Torsten Frings, Christian Nerlinger or Jürgen Wegmann played for both Dortmund and Munich. And in the current composition of Borussia there are even quite relevant examples: Mats Hummels and Marcus Foilner.

The same can be said about coaches. As many as 6 football gurus stood at the edge of the field, being responsible for the success of Borussia and Bavaria: Branko Zebech, Reinhard Zaftig, Udo Lattek, Erich Ribbeck, Otto Rehhagel and Ottmar Hitzfeld. But it is surprising, in fact, only that only “King Otto” managed to win with both clubs and the championships of Germany, and the Champions League.

Bavaria victory with a 2-digit number 30 years ago

Bavaria and Borussia will meet today for the 84th time in the Bundesliga. Munich won 38 times, Dortmund 19 times, and 26 times both clubs dispersed in peace. And only 4 matches ended in zero draws. But, on the contrary, a hail of goals took place on November 27, 1971. On that Saturday afternoon, the Bavarians beat a 2-digit number of balls into the Dortmund goal, and the game itself ended with a score of 11: 1. It was not only the biggest victory of Bavaria in the Bundesliga, but also 1 of 5 meetings in the history of the German championships with 12 goals scored. By the way, Borussia itself is directly related to 4 such matches out of 5, which is a kind of Bundesliga record. Thus, as a victim, Dortmund was defeated by Monchengladbach (0:12), and then, as mentioned above, by Bavaria (1:11). And as a hangman, Borussia itself first defeated Kaiserslautern with a score of 9: 3, and then Arminia with a score of 11: 1 (both games were in Dortmund).

In no other away game from Bavaria, Dortmund subsequently fell “under the wheels” at least as roughly as with the 1:11. “Only” 2: 6 in 2000 and 0: 5 in 2005 still exist as the largest defeats of the Westphalian club in Munich. The “black and yellows” themselves celebrated their biggest victory only almost 20 years ago (3: 0).

Jan Koller at the gate of Borussia

But in addition to statistical facts, one can also recall with interest the large and small stories that happened once. How, for example, about the history of the 2-meter Jan Koller, who in November 2002 was forced to stand in the 67th minute at the Borussia gate, after Lehmann received a red card and when Dortmund had exhausted its replacement limit by that time. But Koller did not hit his face in the dirt, but flawlessly and most importantly, without missing a goal, he defended the remaining 23 minutes of the match, but he was unable to prevent the 1: 2 defeat, which was already at the time of the Czech giant’s game at the gate. And the heroism of Jan Koller was appreciated: he got as a goalkeeper (!) In the national team of that tour, and for the match held he received the highest rating among all the participants of the meeting!

Matthäus vs Möller

Highly emotionally it was in April 1997 and at Westfalenstadion. Thanks to the victory then, “Borussia” could come close to 3 points to the leader of Bavaria. But after only 3 minutes both of the only goals of this meeting (1: 1) were scored thanks to Karl-Heinz Riedle and Ruggiero Rizzitelli. After that, there was little in the match scoring chances, but 6 yellow cards and the legendary gesture of Lothar Matthäus to Andreas Moller. With gestures and provocatively, the captain of Bavaria portrayed as if he was wiping imaginary tears from his face. But Möller, whom Matthäus tried to portray as a crybaby, remained calm: Bavaria though became the champion of Germany that season, however, Borussia but became the winner of the Champions League and did it from the very heart of Bavaria – in her own field.

3 deletions and 9 yellow cards

More work had to be done by the referee in the top game of the 28th round of the 2000/01 season. Hartmut Strumpe showed 9 yellow cards in this battle, 1 red card after a double warning to Bikkent Lizarazu and 2 red cards to Stefan Effenberg and Evanilson. After that game (1: 1), Bayern remained with 1 point of advantage over the trio from Gelsenkirchen, Bayer and Dortmund, and at the end of the season became the champion of Germany and the winner of the Champions League.

Borussia vs Bavaria: there is much more to remember. This is the legendary hit in the bar by Dortmund striker Frank Mill from 3 meters with an empty goal in 1986. This is Kung Fu action of Oliver Kahn against Stefan Chapuis and the bite of the same Heiko Herrlich, the same Kan all in the same game in 1999. But not only has the fight combined many interesting things. Similarly, the 2008 German Cup final which already is in the status of German champion was able to win Bavaria against Borussia only in extra time with a score of 2: 1, also stands out. It was the last game for Ottmar Hitzfeld as a club coach (as well as a Bavaria coach), in which he just played as a mentor against the very “Borussia” with which he began collecting trophies in Germany.

Italian duel on the coaching bench

In the 1997/98 season, Bavaria and Borussia met within the quarterfinal of the tournament and with the interesting fact that both clubs were headed by Italian specialists. They were Nevio Scala from Dortmund and Giovanni Trapatoni from Munich.

In football terms, these duels showed the audience not so much interesting. Zero draw in Munich followed the same game in Dortmund. Thus, additional time was necessary to identify the strongest. And then the only goal scored in them for the then active trophy holder Stefan Chapuisat, which eventually made Trapatoni so angry that he suddenly broke into Henness’s office a couple of days later and demanded to terminate the contract. But the Maestro still remained until the end of the season and celebrated the victory in the German Cup over Duisburg as a consolation prize for himself.

There is no luck in Munich – there will be luck with the championship

The last success of Borussia, visiting Bavaria, was recorded almost 20 years ago: on October 12, 1991, at Ottmar Hitzfeld, the last (and at the same time the biggest away) victory of our club took place with a score of 3: 0, when Michael Rummenigge, Fleming Poulsen’s goals and own goal Münch provided such an excellent result. Over the next 18 years, the “black and yellows” were close at one time or another to victory at a party, but could only play 6 times in a draw.

Like, for example, in the last championship season 2001/02: in the 79th minute, Marcio Amoroso brought Dortmund free-kick ahead and it seemed that the away victory was the first one that was guaranteed in those last 11 years. But the dream of victory in Munich lasted only 4 minutes, when Elber equalized and it all ended in a 1: 1 draw. However, the draw did not become bitter, and Borussia at the end of the season became the champion of Germany for the 6th time. A year later, Borussia played again in Munich, again the first to take the lead, thanks to Jan Koller in another 7th minute. But the game ended with an undeserved defeat with a score of 1: 2, the game of the two men and the game of the same hero Koller at the gates of the Dortmund club.

Just 2 years ago, it all started in a match away from Bavaria promisingly, and Dortmund stepped forward thanks to a goal by Nelson Valdez already in the 2nd minute of the meeting. But this time and then, “Borussia” could not win: first, Zé Roberto (not according to the rules) equalized before Klose decided the match in favor of the hosts in the last 2 minutes. Similarly, in the last meeting at Allianz Arena, Dortmund opened the scoring first in the 10th minute and was again defeated by bad luck: this time 2 fatal judicial mistakes were involved in the defeat with a score of 1: 3.

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